John & Fran Madigan

 This website is posted for the convenience and interests of family members.
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Homestead Reservations: Family members who wish to reserve the farm need to contact Jack.  Click to view the 2024 calendar.  Don't be discouraged if the date you want is already booked; there may be some flexibility. Those who use the farm in winter, after the November close-up, will need to contact one of the owners to turn on the water when they arrive, and to turn it off when they leave. This is to protect the plumbing from freezing. In summer, directions for when you arrive and when you're leaving are posted at the farm. The WELCOME note, which is posted, contains important information to facilitate the usage of the farm. Pemberton Museum The Pemberton & District Museum & Archives Society

Fran's Art:  View some of Fran's art.  Learn about the ministry of Fr. Mike who works with migrants.

Short Stories  and Journals: You can believe the journal entries but, as Yogi may have said, "seventy-five percent of the stories are half true."  Snake Rapids Hunt Camp The Snake Rapids Hunt Club: History and information about the family hunt club.
  The Curia Is the Pope and Why It Cannot Listen. Have you ever wondered why the Roman Catholic Church is so slow to change?
Read a review of the book by John O'Loughlin Kennedy.