Short Stories & Journal Entries 
                                                                                                            by John (Jack) Madigan

My Dad's Fiddle  Bryan tells us about James P's Fiddle. Autumn Video Autumn in the Madawaska Valley
My C.C.M. Bike Bryan's story about his much loved old C.C.M. bicycle.  The Outdoor Facility The tale of a hunt camp hoax.
Soft Sawder   A new sales pitch or one well tried and true? Hoax letter from the Ministry Read the letter referenced in The Outdoor Facility

Old-Fashioned Debt

The modern struggle with the burden of debt is nothing new. Wijngaards Institute Academic Statement Professional research on gender issues and same-sex unions.
The Rock Short story about Paddy Moriarty's Rock on the Madawaska River. Diocesan Synod Survey - Canada How is the Synod on Synodality progressing in Canada?
Sequel Read additional information we discovered about the Paddy Story Ranked list of Diocesan Survey results. Who scored 10/10? And how many scored 0/10?


Short story about Tommy Ryan's Camp and the woods around it. Canadian Synodality Survey 35% of Canadian Dioceses Fail Synod Survey
Tom camp A sequel, submitted by Bryan, to the "Tommy's Camp" Story.  The Curia Is the Pope And Why... A book review - Why the Church is so slow to change.
Union School Bryan's memories of the one-room school house, SS Nos. 5 & 11 Lyndock & Raglan. Kozmo Goes Home A true story about a cat we all know and love - by Niki
Ireland A humourous excerpt from a novel by David Wilson. Focus Man Notes on Contemporary Questions in Religion by Gibb Golden & Frank Green
Homestead Road Enjoy a ride down the road to the Madigan farm. Commentary on 'Focus Man' A commentary to give context for the document 'Focus Man'
Madawaska River The awesome natural beauty of "one Canada's ten top places to live".    
March 15/03 Journal Entry: Our "fishing trip" on Rainy Lake and Lake of the Woods.    
Spirituality Mural How a mural was created by prisoners in the Edmonton Remand Centre.    
A Match for Any Man The art of negotiating a land deal with Mrs. Ouellete.  (by: Frank Green)    
A Practical Joke At the Trout An oil leak on a tight and thrifty customer. (by: Frank Green)    
Cold Comfort A long and varied life of a man with warm friendship and a sense of justice.    
Gina's Poem An outraged Union wins justice for Jan    
Louie Louie's good humour left a lot of people laughing.    
Love and Justice at the Pub Harassment could get you hurt... BAD! (by: Frank Green)    
Obituary A priggish concern for anatomical propriety. (by: Frank Green)    
The Donnellys Of Lucan Biddulph A long conspiracy of silence denies justice for the murdered Donnellys.    
Men of Principle Men with guideposts in life (by: Frank Green)    
The Shy Man From The Rock Could be a lad from The Valley too. (by: Frank Green)    
Thomas D'Arcy McGee A presentation Frank made on the life and contributions of D'Arcy McGee.